Welcome to your Sex Menu! What will you order?

Whether you are single or have a partner(s) completing your Sex Menu is a great way to build your sexual self awareness and develop a wider appreciation of some other ways people sexually express themselves.

  1. Schedule time for you to do this (20 mins is recommended)
  2. Have Google handy in case you run into a term you do not understand
  3. Do not judge yourself. This is an exercise purely for your growth and understanding
  4. Do not judge others. There will be things on the list that turn you on tremendously and some that you’ll say “Oh Hells No” or think something is gross. That is perfectly ok that you are not comfortable with it at this time of your life and it may be something that turns someone else on.

Remember this is about building awareness. There will be things on the list that you have done, would like to do, would never do and some you don’t even know what they are. And it is all perfect. This is not a competition.

There is no right way, no wrong way, just your way!

Enjoy and have fun,